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23 April 2010

Got my life back,with the broadband!

Assalamualaikum..haha,eventhough it is already late nite, and even my eyes are blinking, sleepy soo much, but I was feel like soo hepi! Becoz my problem regarding to the internet connection has been fixed by guys from Maxis centre. Actually before this, I was once at the Maxis centre itself to consult my problem to them, and lately they claimed that they had fixed the problem. But then, I was waiting patiently from last week until this day, and nothing happen. I decided to call on the Maxis hotline and alhamdulillah, after waiting for 3 minutes on the line, there was a guy, the Maxis crew pick-up my call and help me to resolved all of this mystery..and I know that after this I can be active back in online community, and my life won't be bored anymore,haha!

Well,actually there is lot of thing occured today and it's the day that I'm ceelbrating my fellow an event was held to celebrate the teachers and staff at KMB..where it supposed to be held on the official teachers day. But then, on that date, was the examination fever and sholudn't be disturbed. Mu day today started with a bad start actually, i woke up 7.15 a.m and my roomate was same with me, and at the moment I woke up, I felt dizzy and my head is spinning around,so I decided to take a rest and go to the class a bit late, around 11.00 a.m and luckily everuthing goes fine, and my teacher didn't questioned why I was absent in earlier class. After having the Teacher's Day Celebration at the hall, i'm back to attend my usrah and at night,having meeting with ISAC..that is thing that i've done today, not that much actually,hehe..

To dear sahabat,U make my day..^^

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