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22 April 2010

Hari yang panjang!

Well,assalamualaikum and i'm here again..actually today is a quite long-and-full day for me, a lot of things and works need to be done and accomplished in this day,and it is all starting from last night, and i'm started to feel not so well this night..last night, me and hanif need to complete a two-pages movie review and actually it is a groupwork, and need to be done in a group (supposed to be like that) but I got a few 'sleeping' team Nak tak nak memang I need to settle it with anip, and we both like sgt2 geram sebab kena buat keje yang suppose team ktorg buat..pastu yang sleeping team member ni plak just wat donno, macam tak buat salah, and rasa tak guilt at all..ya allah,nasib baik la aku penyabar..

For today, we have an external CAS day, at PDK Telok Panglima Garang and a lot of things that we had done, and this is our last visit..actually it's quite sad to see this PDK for the last time, but we got no more chances to get there..maybe before we fly oversea? Haha..and we habe made a few games with the disabled kids (or guys) and me, myself were at the kitchen, cooking and serving them a few special dishes, like hotdog and whatsoever..and then, we celebrate acad again, for his birthday and he got what he deserved for his birthday..a water bomb specially made from us, and the, after we were back to the college we gathered again and have a mini-birthday party with my beloved and sporting Mentor, Miss Nabilah and our mentees were there too..

The longest and toughest period for today started after that. I was assigned by the MPP to design a front cover of MCB's student guide, where it will be released to our juniors, soon (I hope that my sister will be among this book's recipient!) and the desogn need to be handed in to them this night and luckily I got a few supporting members and they were contributing their ideas and opinion on my design..and thanks to Adri for his support and encouragement, I have finished designing them after 4-hour editing sesssion.

Tonight, after having alot of hustle and bustle for today, I got the chance to study but only for alittle bit time..and for tomorrow's test (chemistry) I'll pray to god, to let me prepare first.. I even didn't make any preparation and I'm so worried about tomorrow..:( but, there's something fun tomorrow, the teachers day celebration at KMB!

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