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20 April 2010

I'm back..after 5 months disappearing..

Assalamualaikum and hye! Suddenly after 5 month i didn't put any updates in my blog, i got the inspiration after having a class of ITGS, and on that class, Alif were presenting about blog..suddenly i remember about I actually have a blog..well,really miss my blog and it's such a waste if i didn't use my blog to convey and share my opinion..actually I didn't know why I lost my interest on this's nice, but then I think I was a bit lazy to update my own blog..besides now I have to update other blog, known as Love Symphony Inc's blog...actually that blog is monitored by International Baccalaureate Organization everyday and I have to keep update with that blog (even Faiz always scolded me because I am a bit late when it comes to update that blog). I'm concerned that I have my blog with purpose of to store all of my memories and experiences in Kolej MARA Banting..well,might be I can restore all of that thing after this..<3 Pictures? I was thinking about placing or making an album in this blog, because I was a photographer, recently and before and have a huge collection of pictures with my college and friends..haha..well,will be back after this and to my blog, sorry becoz I've forgot you for a long time!

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